In our blog you might have found interesting the articles about the city of the future, and how we have anticipated it would look like.

Especially the new designs, and harmonisation with nature are fascinating. And, in a future city we all know that something won’t miss, Drones!

Be it for transportation, deliveries, surveillance, policing, public services, everything is possible. What makes all of this even better is that now our technological advancements make it possible to use the sunlight to fuel those drones. Transforming them from a cheap substitution for helicopters, to advantageous ecological friendly devices!

Alta Devices went a step further on developing a new Photo-voltaic technology which is powered by Gallium Arsenide based solar-cells (GaAs technology). Photo-voltaic technology traditionally was divided in two groups: High-performance rigid solar-cells that are generally brittle and bulky, and low-performance thin films which in the contrary are lighter and more flexible. Alta Devices built from GaAs a film that was light, flexible and had high performance producing 2-4 times more power than the other two technologies.

Amazon is testing a method of delivering through drones. Imagine if they would also include the solar-power technology. As an example, Amazon wants to test their delivery system in the city of London. London has annually 1600 hours of sunshine (out of 8760 hours total in a year). This means that drones could fly for approx. 1/5 of the time with solar power and wouldn’t need to be charged (if drones would be used extensively this would mean an enormous amount of energy saved). And imagine this technology being used in a city like, for instance, Windhoek (Namibia) with 3605 hours sunshine annually!

Furthermore, some companies like Titan Aerospace had created drones that flew over most clouds, and were able to fly for more than 5 years. These drones could easily be used to assist satellite communication, or in the best case, substitute them altogether. Considering that this was only the beginning, the future might unfold other inventions which have even more flight hours and other capacities as well; This would be a new investment on holding our earth green, by using as much as we can from renewable energy. (But, according to Business Insider after the acquisition by Google, they shut down the project!)

Today drones are also used to gather information, mostly in battlefields around Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq etc. and they are doing a great job. Drones are unmanned and don’t pose a danger for the flier, only for the “surveyed”. But what this fantastic technology has to offer is not limited only in locating and killing “enemies” it might as well help us in policing in the city of the future, making the lives of its inhabitants more secure.

In addition, the city of the future will provide drones which bring to us public services, like flying ambulances, or mail-delivery etc. In contrary to new roads, or new buildings, drones do not require as much of a budget;

According to Chris Anderson, “Just as the 1970s saw the birth and rise of the personal computer, this decade will see the ascendance of the personal drone,” he wrote in a Wired cover story entitled “How I Accidentally Kickstarted the Domestic Drone Boom.” “We’re entering the Drone Age.”

All of the drones mentioned above already exist; and all of the technology mentioned above already exists. There is only you and me required to start constructing our personal drone as (one of) the first humans to enter into the new “Drone Age”.

Here you have links to help you construct your personal drone:

And here is a link on how to make your drone solar powered: