Notice how whenever human impact on the environment is brought up, people instantly focus on the negative. Sure, humans have done some detrimental things, but we are trying to make up for it. Teams all around the world are currently brainstorming ways to preserve the planet. We may not have everything figured out, but it’s time to cut the human-race some slack, as we are moving in the right direction.

As a frequent flier, I’ve noticed significant changes in aircrafts. Older planes were super loud, coughed out excessive amounts of pollutants, and used way too much fuel. Nowadays, when I fly long-haul, i’m transported on the dreamy Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Not only does this humongous plane make me feel comfortable and relaxed, it’s also Eco-friendly! This state-of-the-art invention is manufactured with fewer hazardous materials, produces less emissions, and consumes lower amounts of fuel. No longer will you be contradicting yourself as an “environmentalist” when you fly often. Speaking of transportation, we all know that carpooling saves resources and energy, but is usually thought of as an activity carried out through friends. Recent future advancements have resulted in apps allowing people to carpool with strangers. You heard me, carpool with strangers. Though it may seem daunting to hop in a car with someone you’ve never met, programs like Blablacar provide extensive details about the drivers driving experience and recent reviews from other passengers. Avoid emitting unneeded pollutants from your car into the ecosystem and instead join someone who’s headed towards your destination. Not only are you being greener, but you may also make a new friend.

National parks, such as Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, may have a bad-rep for being over-crowded with pesky tourists and high-strung families, but they exist for a good reason: they are beautiful. The idea of allowing the government to protect different natural wonders worldwide is genius! Conservation on this level ensures that generations to come can bask in the beauty of Earth the same way we have. New laws are developed all the time to decrease oil-drilling or guard new-found lands to minimize the human footprint. Along with finding new areas, important information is spread diligently once it is released. Take Cowspiracy, for example. This documentaries popularity has skyrocketed since Leonardo DiCaprio decided to fund it. The information in this film is shocking to many, as it explains how animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation. This film is meant to cause cognitive dissonance, in order to make a change for the future. By spreading awareness of the primary reason for trees being destroyed worldwide, the filmmakers hope that the human-race can make a simple switch to their diet in order to save the entire planet from collapsing.

Remember when recycling was seen as something that only crazy, earth-loving hippies did? Fast-forward to today, where recycling bins cover street corners and schools offer separate containers for plastic bottles and paper waste. In fact, certain colleges don’t even sell plastic water bottles on campus to prevent unnecessary non-biodegradable substances from polluting the Earth. But it doesn’t stop there, as we are growing everyday. Groups of teens have clubs where they spend hours a week brainstorming new Eco-friendly strategies and ways to get their peers to care more about their environmental footprint. Perhaps the most revolutionary realization by man was that we can use the sustainable, natural resources from this planet to generate power. Life depends on energy, so how incredible is it that we discovered ways to never run out of it? Through the use of less-polluting energy sources such as thorium, natural gas, wind, solar, and nuclear fusion, we can have as much power as we want, without consequences. All of these natural phenomena reduce environmental damage and generate power wonderfully. Advancements like these have been discovered recently, imagine what the future has to hold.

Notice how many positives we have contributed environmentally to this planet, that we often skim over? It’s inspiring how every minute, we are advancing more and more into environmental friendly growth. The future looks bright when you notice our significant changes in only the past few years. By continuing sustainability efforts, we are heading into a direction where we can save the heart of society, mother-nature, from collapsing.