You know those big A3 size family planners smacked up on the wall in every family household around the globe? You know, the ones that list everybody’s birthdays, school terms, afternoon activities and weekend trips. The one stop overview of a busy family.

They’re super cool, except for one time of the year – new year, when you have to go and get a new one. When you have to copy over every single birthday and recurring event specific to your family into the new planner.

So, there is pain. And luckily there is an easy solution.

You, the entrepreneur, may choose to enter this dying niche with some fresh perspective. The world is going online, but there is still some tech missing for us to bring all of our family planning into the cloud, and so there are a few good years of physical calendar sales to tap into. So how about a hybrid?

Set up a subscription based calendar service, where each family can enter all of the birthdays, planned holidays, term lengths for the kids, meditation weekends, family trips and other goodies they have planned, and save it as part of an online profile.

You then take this information and print and fulfil calendar shipments once each year on a subscription basis, saving your customers a day’s work of copy pasting, and making some smooth looking cal’s in the process.


Yes, there are rough edges, and no, the challenges are not insurmountable.

Go and make the future.


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