A Holographic Future

A Holographic Future

Future… It sounds like emptiness, uncertainty, silence. No matter what we all think about it, sometimes all it brings is fear. Fear of the unknown.

Millions of different things and feelings pass through the life of every person. Someone’s future will be exactly as they imagine it, happy and full of joy, and someone’s sad and full of pain. I do not know whether we should be thinking about it all the time and hope for something better, or leave everything to fate. But is the fate even real? Some people say that we choose and create our own destiny. Maybe that is true, but every tomorrow is also a great mystery that only a few people can predict.

My future is right in front of me, unclear or real, and behind me only memories. Everyone would like to be in a situation where their brain generates a feeling of happiness, but in real life, it is not always possible. To achieve our goals, we often turn to the beaten track which we have previously passed and we discover some new life paths. However, before we go and seek happiness and more out of life, we need to ask ourselves whether we are happy or not, and whether, perhaps, we selfishly seek for great things? Therefore, we have to try to adapt to what our life and future give us.

When I compare my life with the life of individuals, I realise that, in fact, I have what I want, or what every person should have to live a normal life and I realise that everything in life is acquired in one or the other way. Thousands of people around the world do not have essential conditions for life, thousands of children do not have a roof over their head, food, or any satisfactory living conditions. Yes, I’m afraid of the future. But who isn’t?

I am aware that I get a lot from life, but I am also aware that I can lose everything in a second. It is ok to have your own goals, desires and plans. With a strong will and faith, we will be able to create ourselves a better future. Baby steps to a better future.

I couldn’t help it think about the technology and how it developed over the past few years. Can you imagine what will happen in near future, in 10 years?

The virtual reality will soon be part of our everyday lives. And I am absolutely sure about this because working some of the biggest IT companies on the planet are already working on it, including Microsoft.

This unique and new view of the future is definitely interesting because it presents a fascinating new way to interact with the world. Rather than having another boring presentation of a Windows project, Microsoft wowed everyone with their new holographic glasses – the HoloLens that is very much alike to the Google Glasses, but with a lot of new features. These glasses allow as to generate 3D graphic surfaces in the environment and play with them. We definitely did not expect anything like this. It is advanced and changes a lot of things.

I guess Microsoft worked on this a lot and probably in a cooperation with other companies. They kept the whole project secret for years so that they won’t have a competition. Yes, there are other virtual glasses, but they cannot be compared with the features of the HoloLens.

How does the HoloLens change the future?

This new innovative technology can significantly change the way we interact with our loved ones. Can you imagine communicating with your family that lives abroad? This type of communication will be almost the same as the face – to – face interaction, except for the fact that we will be wearing glasses. It is a new technology of teleportation in a form of holograms or as it is now called – holoportation.

How would you like the idea to walk on Mars? Well, with the help of the HoloLens people can now walk on Mars. Microsoft developed a cooperation with Nasa and the software OnSight. The users of the HoloLens can walk on the planet of Mars thanks to a 3D simulation of details gathered by the Curiosity car – sized robotic rover that is already a few years on Mars exploring the place. What impresses is the level of details this device gives us. In very near future, there will be even better connections with Curiosity and people will be able to give commands to the robot so that it can pay more attention to some places that they find interesting and all of that with the HoloLens.

Microsoft did not forget about the gamers. They understand how virtual reality is important to them. Microsoft’s gaming department found a new interesting way to make your games even better. With the HoloLens the Pokémon Go game can be simulated with the hologram so that you can play it everywhere. Finding and catching a Pokémon is an exciting adventure, but there are much bigger things that await us. Things that have a significance.

Everyday problems can now easily be shared. How? The HoloLens features a high – quality camera which allows other people to see what you are seeing at the moment. For example, if you have some kind of hardware problem with your laptop, you will be able to call an IT technician and fix the problems right away with the HoloLens. For example, if you need to replace your hard – disk the HoloLens will give you instructions to do that properly and put everything in its place. This functionality does not require an additional software; it can simply be used with the help of Skype video calls.

People will be able to design a holographic home. This is a great tool for the interior designers. They will be able to experience exciting changes, which will be good for the designer and the owner too. With the help of the HoloLens, the designer can show them the look of their home. And together, they can make changes and create the perfect home in a few minutes.

Engineers, industrial designers will be able to see their creation in space, instead of a screen. The HoloLens have an amazing functionality to send prepared 3D models for printing. The world is now ready for holograms. The best thing is that you won’t need to connect the device with your smartphone or laptop. It has the necessary hardware to connect with the world.

While wearing these glasses medical students will be able to project holograms in an extended reality and walk around anatomical bodies to see bones, muscles, organs. The autopsy of dead people for medical practice will not be needed anymore. In fact, with the help of the HoloLens doctors can simulate surgeries which will be a practice for them before they perform it on a human. This will significantly improve the success of the surgical procedure.

However, we will need some time to accept these glasses as an obligatory tool, but they show us that it is not about some concept, this is a real, important and big thing that we can expect in the near future.